Top 10 garage door security tips

Your garage will contain some of your home’s most valuable items, whether it be your car, a bike or your expensive camping equipment, so it’s extremely important that you keep it secure. But what preventative measures can you take to stop your garage door from being an easy access point for any potential intruders? Here are our top 10…

  1. Never leave your door open – whether you’re doing jobs which involve opening and closing your garage or you’re simply forgetful, always remember to close your garage door.
  2. Cover your windows or install frosted windows – this prevents from thieves being able to do a bit of window shopping in your garage.
  3. Don’t leave your remote in the car – if a thief breaks in to your car, they have access to the remote for your automated garage door and then potentially access to your home.
  4. Keep your garage door maintained – a garage door which isn’t maintained is more likely to break and therefore be easier to break in to.
  5. Install an alarm system for your garage – go one step further and install an alarm system, upping the security of your garage and home.
  6. Keep all your cabinets locked – if any manages to break in, they won’t be able to steal any of your tools if they are locked away.
  7. Install motion sensor spotlights – these lights have infrared sensors which sense warm moving items and light up when they spot them, making you aware of potential intruders.
  8. Protect the release – crafty thieves have devised a way of breaking into garages using a simple push block to release the hook at the top of a garage, but by putting a wooden cover over it, it makes your garage susceptible to this.
  9. Lock your rail – if your garage runs along rails, attach a padlock if you’re going away for a while.
  10. Install a sturdy internal door – if your garage is attached to your home, a sturdy internal door could be the thing which stops the intruder entering your home.

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