How to prepare your garage door for winter

Ideally, you should take the time to perform basic maintenance on your garage door fairly regularly to keep it in good condition all year round. However, the cold weather that winter brings can have a severe impact on your door if you’re not suitably prepared. Here are few ways in which you can make sure your garage door can cope with winter:

Keep your door lubricated

The cold weather can cause your door to seize up and stop working smoothly. Use a spray lubricant or engine oil to lubricate the door’s moving parts and help keep it in top condition.

Check your weather stripping

Weather strips or seals are vital for reducing the amount of air that passes through the gap at the bottom of your garage door. Check your door’s stripping for any signs of wear and tear – if it’s cracked or torn, replace it to make sure that the insulative properties of your door are not compromised.

Inspect the tracks

If you want your door to open and close properly, it’s important that the tracks on either side of the door remain clean and clear of debris. Any especially big blockages will likely require professional attention, but you should be able to deal with smaller obstructions.

Pay attention

Your door likely opens hundreds if not thousands of times every year, so it’s a process you may well have come to take for granted. However, you’ll be surprised by how useful simply watching and listening to your door can be. Take notice of any unusual noises or stutters, and at what point in the operation they occur – this will help in determining where the issue lies.

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