Should you choose a double garage door or two single doors?

Whatever you use your garage for, it’s of the utmost importance that you’re able to enter and exit it in a way that is easy and convenient. Something that plays a huge part in this is the type of door you choose – do you want to access your garage through a double garage door or through two separate single doors?

This isn’t a decision you should be making lightly, but worry not – read on for some helpful tips to help you decide which type of garage door would better suit your needs.

Why choose a double garage door?

A double garage door means you can use the maximum amount of space available to you, and therefore is the perfect choice if you’ll mainly be using your garage for car storage – particularly if you own more than two cars, or a couple of particularly large cars. A double garage door also means you’ll only have to look after and maintain one door rather than two, as well as only requiring a single opener and remote if you decide to go automatic.

Why choose two single garage doors?

Two single doors allow you to access your garage even if one door suffers a breakdown, which with a double door would leave it inaccessible. Two doors also keep your garage insulated more effectively than a double door, letting in less cold air during the winter months and keeping things cooler in the summer – this has the added benefit of helping to lower your energy bills. Two doors are also arguably a little easier on the eye, though of course that’s a matter of personal preference.

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