Benefits of parking in your garage

When you drive around in your town/village, you tend to see more cars parked out on the road than you would have done half a decade ago. This is down to the fact that more and more people don’t see the need to park their car in their garage and instead, use it for a different function such as an office or extra living space.

But the team here at ABi Garage Doors Doncaster like to stick to tradition and believe that your car could massively benefit from being stored in a sheltered, secure space.

Protection from the elements

Leaving your care outside leaves it exposed to the weather and elements that could potentially damage it. UV rays in the sun will affect the paintwork, causing it to slowly fade while freezing temperatures will damage the engine.

Not to mention bird droppings and tree sap which are acidic and will also damage the exterior, whilst falling tree branches and hailstones can inflict chips, scratches and other damage.

Reduce risk of damage or theft

Unless they are stupid, a criminal won’t think twice about breaking into a garage to steal a car if there is one out on the street. To make sure your car is still in your possession, storing your car in your garage is an extremely wise decision.

It also stops people in cars or on bikes driving past and clipping & damaging your car.


Picture this – it’s pouring down with rain and you’ve got 10 bags of shopping to transfer from your car into your house. Now, would you rather be doing this sheltered inside your garage or keep having to go in and out of your house, getting more and more drenched each time? It’s a no brainer.

The team here at ABi have been working in the garage door industry for more than 30 years, and this experience has helped them develop their skillset and knowledge to assist our customers in any of their needs. If you have any questions or would like to get in touch to enquire, you can give us a call on 01302 511372 or contact us online.