How could you benefit from a side hinged garage door?

Even though garage door technologies and mechanisms are becoming more and more advanced each year, the traditional side hinged garage door remains a favourite to homeowners in the UK. They operate in a very simple manner and since its creation, there have been no enhancements to enhance the way they operate. Here are just a few of the many benefits of a side hinged garage door.

Easy access

Accessing the contents of your garage will never be easier if you decide to invest in a side hinged garage door as you won’t need to open and close a huge garage door, which you may have to with a sectional or up and over. Instead, you will be able to get away with opening the door half or a third of the way which will be extra handy when it’s just you that is leaving/entering and not a vehicle.

Look great

Although it isn’t all about looks, it’s a huge bonus if your garage door is aesthetically pleasing and there isn’t a door that is better looking than the side hinged. They are extremely versatile and sleek as they come in an array of colours, designs and finishes, meaning whatever look you’re going for, a side hinged can see to it.

Easily automated

If you fancy increasing the easy access even more, side hinged garage doors are extremely easy to automate. This is particularly handy if you use your garage to store your car as automation allows you to operate the door remotely rather than having to get out of your vehicle and physically open the door yourself.

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